Ledger launches an all-in-one application – Ledger Live (10th July 2018) / Ledger 發佈了最新的多功能桌面客戶端 – Ledger Live (2018年7月10日)

2018 年 07 月 12 日

Ledger has launched an all-in-one application – Ledger Live on 10th July 2018. This is an upgraded application to manage your crypto assets in your Ledger Nano S in a convenient manner.

Ledger Live is a new all-in-one companion application that runs on Windows 10, MacOS 10.9 and Linux Ubuntu 16.10. It brings together device management and individual crypto assets in one place, replacing the old system of multiple Chrome-based applications.


There are some new features on Ledger Live:

1.     Simple onboarding: It is now even easier to set up a Ledger device.  Existing users can also import their account into Ledger Live with just a few clicks.

2.     Multi-accounts: Access all of your crypto accounts in one place. No need to switch between different apps for Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple etc.

3.     Real-time balance: Check the value of your assets based on real-time market rates. Balances and transactions are also available when your Ledger device is disconnected.

4.     Secure transactions: On-screen guidance and transaction confirmations to help ensure that money are going to/coming from the intended sender and recipient.


ERC20 token support is not available in the first version of Ledger Live but will be in the future update.


You can download the Ledger Live here  : https://www.ledgerwallet.com/live


Ledger2018710日發佈了他們最新的多功能桌面客 – Ledger Live。這是一個升級版的客端以回應之前一眾用Ledger Chorme 插件的反應。客將可以在一個更方便的客管理所有儲存在Ledger Nano S的加密貨幣。

這個多功能桌面客端可在Windows 10, MacOS 10.9 and Linux Ubuntu 16.10. 運行。Ledger Live結合設備管理及加密貨幣管理於一身,不用再在Chorme上獨立安裝Ledger Manager及每一種加密幣對應的程式。


Ledger Live還有一些以下的新功能:

1.     簡單易用: 現在的Ledger Nano S用戶只需要跟據Ledger Live的指示即可轉用。

2.     一個介面. 支援多種加密幣:Ledger Live一個介面支援多種加密貨幣,不用再下載不同的程式以開啓Bitcoin, EtherRipple等等。

3.     市場價格同步:以即時的市場價格顯示加密貨幣餘額,更可在Ledger離線狀態下查詢交易記錄及加密貨幣資產的餘額。

4.     安全交易:桌面指示及交易確認一目了然,私鑰依然安全地保存在Ledger Nano S內以確保加密貨幣安全。


Ledger Live初代版本暫未能支援ERC20代幣,但會在未來的更新加入支持。


下載多功能桌面客Ledger Live  :  https://www.ledgerwallet.com/live