MediQ Cleaner & Deodorizer


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The MediQ EO sterilizer is programmed to create sterilizing EO Water through electrolyzing water and table salt. The EO Water solution is highly efficient at sanitizing and completely non-toxic. Within seconds of contact, it can kill 99.99% of bacteria and virus that can be harmful to health. MediQ can clean and sterilize anytime and anyplace, inside and outside of your home! You can use it outside in your car compartment, aircraft cabin, mass transit and more. At home, you can spray fresh fruits and vegetables to remove pesticides, spray to clean baby’s toys and to maintain hygiene for pets. EO Water is safe to human, animal and environmentally friendly, as the solution will evaporates into air and water within minutes.

  • Sterilization Patent Technology
  • Safe to Kids and Pets
  • Air Purification
  • 100% Natural Ingredient,Alcohol-Free and Non-Toxic Solution
  • Remove Pesticides Ability