Elements - Smarter Kit (7 Panels)


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Nanoleaf Elements provide a natural introduction of smart technology into the world of bespoke lighting. Highly customizable modular panels finished with a wood-grain veneer give a sophisticated yet organic feel to your home’s interior design. Serving as a geometric wood-look wall installation when powered off, these smart panels light up to provide a natural illuminated glow that flows and glimmers across their entire surface.

  • Bespoke lighting fixtures easily cost over thousands of dollars. With Elements, you can truly personalize your lighting at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing its design.The best part is that you can easily reconfigure the layout at any time!
  • Nanoleaf Elements offers more than 12 breathtaking Scenes to help set the perfect mood.
  • Everything can be controlled with the panel’s touch buttons or with the Nanoleaf App for additional smart features.
  • No wiring, no drilling, no electricians required. Just peel the adhesive on the back of each panel and secure them to the wall to create your desired design.
  • Circadian Lighting feature that balances the color temperature of your lights to match the natural color temperature of sunlight throughout the day.
  • Integrated audio sensor makes your lights react to sound—creating a whole new level of music or gaming immersion.