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CRICUT JOY™ Everything Bundle


Package included:


2. CRICUT JOY™ Smart Vinyl™ Holographic Pattern Sampler – Permanent

3. CRICUT JOY 12 pcs Insert Cards, Princess Sampler 

4. CRICUT JOY Starter Tool Kit (2007994)

5. CRICUT JOY Card Mat, 4.5" x 6.25" (2007968)

6. CRICUT JOY  Transfer Tape(2007373)

7. CRICUT JOY™ 12 Insert Cards, Fingerpaint Sampler (2007260)

8. CRICUT JOY  Smart Vinyl™ Sampler, Elegance – Permanent 

9.CRICUT JOY™ Smart Iron-On™ Sampler, Elegance 

10.CRICUT JOY™ Smart Iron-On™ Glitter, Multi (2007225)

11.CRICUT JOY™ Smart Iron-On™ Patterned, Natalie Malan Aquamarine 

12.CRICUT JOY™ Tote Carrying Case (2007812)

13.CRICUT JOY™ Extra Fine Point Pens, 0.3 (Black, Blue, Red)(2007089)

**If the package material is out of stock, it will replace by the same series material.