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EMEET GeniusCall HS150


EMEET GeniusCall HS150 is a wireless over-ear noise-canceling headphone with microphones that provide you with ultimate comfort and long-time listening up to 48 hours. The best choice for clear calls in the noisy open office.

  • Excellent Noise Cancellation

    6 properly-placed microphones pick up your voice in noisy environments, and at the same time remove the ambient noise with our VoiceIA smart algorithm.
  • All-day Comfort

    The over-ear design offers the greatest comfort and noise isolation by cupping your ears within the ear cushions. Memory foam padding and soft protein leather touch your skin without squeezing your ears, so you can wear it all day long.
  • Connect Two Devices at Once

    You can connect your phone and laptop to it at the same time. It's easy to switch to and fro - a very friendly function for multi-tasking.
  • 48 Hours Battery Life

    Don't worry, your meetings won't be interrupted by the low battery of your headphone. 15-minute fast charging supports calls totaling up to 6 hours.
  • Concentrate or Connect

    Choose among three modes to shut the ambient noise outside your world and get focused or to hear what happens around you and feel connected.