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AMIRO L1 LED Light Therapy Facial Mask


Anti-acne Mode

Mask displays purple light

Combines blue, red, and infrared light to inhibit bacterial growth and prevent recurrence.Ideal for oily skin, acne-prone skin, or during acne breakouts.

Soothing Mode

Mask displays orange light

Combines yellow, red, and infrared light to accelerate skin healing and reduce redness.Perfect for dry and sensitive skin, seasonal skin changes, post-sun exposure, allergy recovery, or post-treatment healing.

Skin-brightening Mode

Mask displays red light

Combines red and infrared light for skin rejuvenation.Suitable for dull and tired skin, daily skin revitalization (Note:avoid applying whitening serum before use).



7-Day Rapid Skin Barrier Repair With LED Light Therapy

Unlock the potential of the skin's natural healing process with this cutting-edge LED light therapy mask. In just 7 days, experience a rapid repair of the skin barrier, leading to smoother and more radiant skin. Say goodbye to expensive and time-consuming treatments, and hello to the future of skincare.

10-Minute Daily Treatment For Acne & Enhanced Skin Glow

Achieve clearer, healthier, and more radiant skin with just 10 minutes a day. The innovative mask features four light waves and three modes, effectively targeting acne and skin inflammation while increasing skin gloss. Improve the skin's overall appearance without the need for harsh chemicals or lengthy treatments.

2cm Close Distance For Even & Effective Skin Repair


The LED light therapy mask is designed to ensure optimal results with a close 2cm distance irradiation of the face. This close proximity allows for high energy to be evenly distributed across the face, effectively repairing the skin and ensuring no area is left untreated. Experience the benefits of an even and effective skin repair treatment without leaving the comfort of home.

Lightweight & Comfortable For Everyday Use

Made from skin-friendly materials and weighing only 200g, the LED light therapy mask is designed with comfort in mind.

Easily incorporate it into a daily routine, as it's comfortable to wear during activities such as working, doing housework, or using a phone.

Enhance skin's health and beauty while effortlessly fitting the treatment into a busy lifestyle.

AMIRO LED Therapy Mask is built-in four light waves and three modes, which help improve the appearance of photoaged skin through a non-invasive mechanism known as photobiomodulation which triggers physical and chemical events in the skin that range from collagen synthesis (red light), and acne reduction (blue light), to improving wound healing & skin rejuvenation (yellow light), and accelerate the metabolism of the skin(infrared light).

Dimensions: 225 x 192 x 76mm
Weight: 210g
Duration of use: Each mode lasts for 10 minutes and the device automatically shuts down after completion.
Number of LED beads: 60 beads
Energy density : 77mW/cm²
Types of light waves : Blue light (410nm), Yellow light (590nm), Red light (630nm), Infrared light (850nm)
Charging interface : Type-C

Packing Include
1 x L1 LED Light Therapy Facial Mask
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Quick Start Guide Card