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BLUE LAVA Touch Smart Guitar


Multi-touch Display Integrated with HILAVA OS

A multi-touch display integrated with the world’s leading HILAVA OS is built into the guitar body crafted with new materials and vibrant colors. It is powerful, fun to play, and affordable.

New material and five vibrant colourways


4-Mass Technology

The 4-MASS design in BLUE LAVA enhances vibrations
of the guitar top, back, side, and neck,
delivering full and balanced tones.

The reinforced internal structure extends low frequency
vibration towards the end of the soundbox and makes
broader space for high frequency vibration around the

Your StageIs Everywhere

With instant widgets, you can quickly set up the stage to improvise and impress your friends, on campus, at parties, or around a campfire. You can also pre-set parameters to your preference.

For A Better Blue Planet

Optimizing material use and production techniques remains our key focus throughout. We replaced wood with recyclable HPL to reduce deforestation and manufactured through automatic production lines to prevent industrial waste. This makes BLUE LAVA friendly to the environment while maintaining high performance.