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EMEET SmartCam C970


C970 Webcam is a streaming camera that streams videos in 1080P Full HD resolution at a frame rate of 60fps and is equipped with 2 noise-canceling mics.

  • 60FPS & 1080P Full HD

    Video feeds stop being blurry and are transmitted without delay because of the 60fps frame rate and 1080P video quality. The webcam captures your body gestures and facial expressions in a smoother and more detailed image.
  • Focus on You

    Smart autofocus enables the webcam to identify you instantly in the frame when you move or dance; 75° FoV keeps you at the center of attention regardless of the background behind you.
  • Electronic Privacy Cover

    Unlike physical covers prone to damage, the electronic privacy cover is more durable and easy to use. Reduce the angle between the cam and the clip to less than 10°, and the mics and cam will be turned off to protect your privacy.
  • Noise cancellation

    With exclusive noise cancellation algorithm, the built-in noise-canceling mics filter out the background noise and pick up clear voice for better sound quality.
  • Pro visual optimization

    Automatic light adjustment ensures you stand out, even in poor lighting condition.Adjust image parameters (brightness, contrast, white balance, etc.) based on your need via our eMeetLink software.
  • Easy to use

    Plug and play instantly; Use the clip or the 1/4 threaded for installation, fits various PC screens or TV for many kinds of meetings; Compatible with many leading online conferencing services such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Skype, etc., to meet different needs.