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Your car isn't a cheap plastic afterthought, so why stick an ugly, bulky phone mount right in the middle of your dashboard? We designed our Car Mount to look and feel like it's been part of your vehicle from the start.
For a safer, more comfortable driving experience
① 【Dual Stage Lock, Strong, Secure Mounting Mechanism】
Built-in magnetic attachment and lock technology is ultra secure. Hold your phone during even the bumpiest of rides.
② 【Quick & Easy to attach/detach】
The simple twist and lock makes it easy to attach / detach your iPhone. Attachment/detachment is instant and 1-handed. Just rotate 45 degrees left and right to release the phone quickly and easily.
③ 【Holds phone in portrait or landscape mode】
When the security lock is locked, the phone can still be freely switched between landscape and portrait screen and rotated 360 degrees to meet your diverse browsing needs.
④ 【Adjustable Viewing Angle】
The fully adjustable gimbal head allows for 360 degree rotation, making it easy to mount your phone in the optimal position.
⑤ 【Portrait /Landscape】
Mounts in both orientations

Must used with Airbag Iphone Case OR Universal Phone Snap Adaptor

Packing Included:
Car Phone Mount
User Manual

Color: Black
Material: Metal, Plastic, PU
Dimension: 100 x 140 x 155mm
Weight: 185g