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Nanoleaf 10 years Nanoversary Special Bundle

$1,298.00 $1,699.00

Special Bundle include:

1. 1 set Nanoleaf Shapes Mini Triangles Starter Kit (5 panels)

2. 1 set Nanoleaf Shapes Mini Triangles Expansion Pack (10 panels)

3. 1pc Nanoleaf Recycle Bag 

4. Nanoleaf Shaker / Thermos / Mini Pillow / Hat ( 2 out of 4 items by random)

Limited quantity while stocks last. 

All discount codes do not apply to this product! 

Size Per Panel: 10 x 11.5 x 0.6 cm (Height x Width x Thickness)
Weight Per Panel: 40g
Cable Length: 2.5M

Luminous Flux Per Panel: 20 lumens
Lifetime: 25,000 hours
Communication Protocol: WiFi(2.4GHz b / g / n)*5GHz networks are not compatible with Nanoleaf products

Dimmability: via Nanoleaf App, Voice, Touch
Thread Compatibility: Work as Thread Border Router
Compatibility: Apple HomeKit,Amazon Alexa,Google Assistant,IFTTT,Nanoleaf Remote,Razer Chroma,SmartThings

Color Temperature: 1,200K – 6,500K
Color Channel Configuration: RGBW
Color Capability: >16M+
CRI: 80

Voltage : 110VAC – 240VAC
Max Power Supply Power: 42W
Max Energy Consumption Per Panel: 0.54W
Max Panels per power Supply: 77 Panels per 42W PSU
Max Panels per Controller: 500 Mini Triangle

Warranty:2 Years