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Stéka S19 Smokeless Grill Enhanced Version


The latest 2022 Stéka S19 smokeless grill - enhanced version, has 10 major advantages + 7 major improvements, smokeless grilling has no difficulty!

  • The integrated design of the brand-new baking pan and the heating tube makes the heat transfer more uniform

  • Double smoke control system, with more than 40 vertical air inlets on each side, to quickly suck out the oil fume and prevent the oil fume from spreading

  • Through the water-cooled filtration technology, the oil fume is cooled and liquefied, resulting in a truly smoke-free barbecue

  • The size of the body remains the same, the design of the surrounding frame is slimmer, and the capacity of the baking tray is larger

  • Equipped with two different types of baking trays, full mesh and flat, the ultra-dense oil guide holes of the full mesh baking tray can effectively filter away excess oil, and freely switch the baking tray to meet the needs of different ingredients.
  • New LED display screen and smart touch panel

  • Eight -level constant temperature mode and timing function, more precise control of food cooking temperature and time

  • The highest firepower is 250°C, which can quickly lock the moisture in food and maintain the best taste of shellfish

  • Metal shell + food-grade nano-ceramic glaze coating baking pan, wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant, non-stick and non-falling off, convenient and easy to clean

  • The whole machine has 5 major parts, easy to assemble and disassemble, and easier to clean

  • Original goods, one year warranty

Enhanced version:

  • The enhanced version of Stéka S19 smokeless grill has passed the SGS Hong Kong safety test and complied with the safety standards of the Hong Kong Electrical and Mechanical Services Department

  • Improved circuit board and fuse for safer operation and smoother operation

  • Added the option to cancel the timing function , the timing function can no longer only be turned on and cannot be turned off

  • Improved timing function, instead of starting timing when heating in the past, to start timing when entering constant temperature mode , making the cooking effect more stable

  • In the constant temperature mode , the temperature can be adjusted at any time , getting rid of the cumbersome and complicated button operations in the past

  • Improved the error display when heating up, and the firepower adjustment is more accurate

  • New appearance design, full purple body + streamlined handle , comfortable and more beautiful